Recovery from Sexual Addiction

Recovery from Sexual Addiction

Understand the signs of a sexual addiction problem; and the root causes so you can face the problem and overcome it. Have the support and action plan to recover by effectively changing destructive behavior patterns, enacting healthy intimacy and sexuality, and rebuilding trust with others. Grow through that process to have a happier and more satisfying life.

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Recovery for the partner

Recovery for the Partner

Get much needed support and learn how to recover from the trauma of finding out your partner has betrayed your trust.  Learn how to contain and respond to “emotional flooding” that is painful and overwhelming, as part of a process to regain an overall sense of empowerment and well being, as you struggle with decisions about how to move forward.

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Recovery for the couple

Recovery for the Couple

Get support and work through the intense pain, anguish, and despair that overwhelms couples when “sexual acting out” is revealed.  The therapy process often rebuilds trust and leads to reconciliation in the marriage or primary relationship, reestablishing a feeling of emotional safety, intimacy and connection.

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Our Therapists

Jeff Levy, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and Toni Rabinowitz, Ph.D, LMFT specialize in the treatment of Sexual Addiction. As two of the most experienced therapists working with these issues in the Triangle area since 2001, they offer a complete assessment and treatment approach including: individual therapy for people struggling with their sexual addiction patterns; individual therapy for partners wounded emotionally by those patterns; couples therapy to rebuild trust and connection, and facilitate a constructive dialogue about addiction issues; and group therapy to offer additional support and help with the recovery process.

Specializing in Sex Addiction Treatment

  • Caring, empathetic and respectful approach to clients who are experiencing the intense emotional pain associated with sexual addiction.
  • Effective treatment approaches helping those in addiction stop destructive behaviors; and define and enact the alternative - healthy sexuality, healthy relationship boundaries, and healthy lifestyle.
  •  Help for partners to understand the real meaning of sexual addiction behaviors and thereby maintain self-esteem; as well as cope with the hurt, anger, and emotional "flooding" that often occurs when the addictive patterns become known.
  • Offer and suggest couples therapy when the time is right to rebuild trust and realize the potential for healing in the relationship.


Both therapists meet with clients in the Cary, NC office, located on the Cary Raleigh border, just minutes from the Beltline. Dr. Rabinowitz is also available in Chapel Hill, NC. Workshops and educational seminars are sometimes are offered in Raleigh, NC.